Build for the Future: Your Vision, Our Composable Architecture

Adopt Cloud Native, Domain Driven Microservices-based architecture

Challenges in modernising the product ecosystem

Some of the biggest challenges that organisations face during their digital transformation journey involve legacy systems and infrastructure, as well as complexity of integrations. The rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, managing growing user expectations, and the need for expert talent limits the speed, scalability, and implementation of efficient solutions... Read more

Revolutionising Modular Architecture with DLT Apps

Leveraging the power of contemporary technologies, we assist organisations in navigating the path of modernisation enhancing existing and new cloud-native product journeys. Through DLT Apps, organisations can expedite building processes, ensuring secure, scalable, and domain-driven microservices for reliable releases. Our creation of efficient distributed applications rests on core Customer-centricity principles and domain knowledge. The developed application supports agile deployments, both on-premise and on the cloud, to deliver digital business transformation.


Adopt Modern Engineering practices with our architecture and methodology

DLT Apps are a distinguished hub of technology proficiency and innovation within the financial sector

Comprehensive Financial Products

We delve into the complexities of Wealth and Asset Management, building products that are customer centric and challenging status quo. Our solutions, built upon thorough market research and expert application of contemporary technologies, focus on optimising user experiences, ensuring transactional security, and enhancing operational efficiencies, thereby aiding your services in maintaining a competitive edge.

Architectural Prowess, Materialised

Our expertise extends to devising robust, scalable, and resilient architectural designs. Concentrating on the principles of modular and composable architecture, we construct systems designed to effortlessly adapt to the perpetual evolution of the financial landscape... Read more

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We have enabled several BFSI organisations and financial institutions to modernise their legacy by systems by adopting a composable architecture.

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Composable architectures enable our clients to remove the dependency on legacy applications and enable plug and play to support future architecture vision.

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Our architecture uses microservices at the core with well-defined domains and bounded contexts to enable rapid development across teams.

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Asynchronous event driven architecture enables modularity and clear definitions of boundaries for streamlined operation.

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The core data layer within our architecture enables organisations to become more resilient and available along with improving data analytics and AI/ML.

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Underpinning this architecture is best of breed infrastructure and DevOps practices.

Rapidly unlock value from applications with our expertise


All our products are containerised cloud native solutions and adopt this approach on our products. We believe this combination allows you to build highly available, scalable, secure, resilient applications.
Whether breaking down a monolith or migrating your workloads to cloud we have a tested approach for your modernisation journey to help redevelop or migrate critical applications.
Release and deliver value rapidly by adopting DevOps processes and tools that accelerate development and deployment using cross domain teams, continuous improvement, and enhanced release tools.