Innovation and excellence are integral to our identity

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About DLT Apps

In the vast realm of Financial Technology, two ambitious minds Venk and Santosh, embarked on their professional journeys together, only to uncover a shared frustration - driving meaningful, sustainable change within established financial organisations was an uphill task.

Separate Paths, Similar Conviction

Having started their journeys together, our founders went on to travel through separate avenues of technology within the world of finance. Venk forged ahead on the path of Wealth and Asset Management and Santosh scaled the heights of Financial Services mergers and acquisitions and data migrations. When they reconnected, they discovered that their journeys had led them to the same conviction – bureaucracy, legacy systems, and resistance to technological advancements stagnated innovation and adaptation. The industry was ripe for disruption, and they possessed the amalgamated knowledge, expertise, and vision to spearhead change... Read more

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Our Mission

Upholding Excellence - striving to be unparalleled in technology and engineering. Innovation - championing creativity and forward-thinking solutions. Precision - delivering accurate, reliable, and cutting-edge outcomes. Purposeful Leadership - guiding our actions with clear intent and vision. Transformation – leveraging technology to pioneer change in the financial industry. Futurism - shaping tomorrow with foresight and determination.

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Our Vision

To be the best technology and engineering organisation combining innovation with precision. Lead with purpose to transform and shape the future of financial industry.

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Our Business

We prioritise inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging across different regions and countries. Embracing diverse backgrounds and perspectives from around the world, we're committed to creating a space where everyone is valued, heard, and empowered.

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Our Environment

At DLT Apps, we are conscious of our environmental footprint as we navigate the tech industry. We strive to make decisions that respect the environment, incorporating sustainable practices where we can and always seeking to balance innovation with responsibility.

Our Values
Autonomy over Authority

We champion empowerment: every team member stands as a pillar of ownership and accountability in realising our vision.

Never stand still

We relentlessly innovate for unparalleled excellence. We challenge the status quo to engineer impactful solutions.

Transparency and Integrity

Anchored in authenticity, our every endeavour flourishes with unwavering transparency, integrity and honesty

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

Unified in diversity, we harness the power of inclusivity to drive our vision.

Our Leaders

Founder and CEO


Santosh is a technology leader, Founder and Managing Director at DLT Apps that leverages the latest advancements in modern technology to incubate promising new Fintech... Read more


Founder and President


Venk is a pioneering entrepreneur and tech maverick who is reshaping the Financial Services sector, focusing on Wealth and Asset Management. His journey began as a corporate architect... Read more


Chief Technology Officer


Mahesh is an engineering leader with over two decades of experience in technology strategy, software architecture design, and implementation. He has a proven track record of... Read more

Our Team