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Incubating, building, and scaling financial products is a challenging endeavour. It demands in-depth market insight, continuous adaptation, navigating uncertainties, and embracing risks. This journey also requires immense resilience, unwavering dedication, and a resolute commitment to realising a collective vision. Pursuing this in a regulated sector adds layers of complexity. The stakes are substantial which makes security and compliance paramount.... Read more


Qkvin’s revolutionary digital financial profile for onboarded customers enables streamlined onboarding,ongoing monitoring, and secure client lifecycle management. It empowers individuals to control data sharing across Financial Institutions and simplifies MLRO oversight.

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TerraAi simplifies complex data processes with modern engineering practices and cutting-edge AI/ML. Our suite of solutions encompasses data migrations, document automation, reporting, and financial reconciliations, designed to streamline your business operations.

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A visionary Series A-funded modern global transfer agency that creates sustainable value, with a design-led human-centric approach to replace legacy technology and end-of-life systems.

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