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AI Powered Data Extraction in Financial Services

The world of finance has traditionally been burdened by mountains of paperwork. It is now seeking modern AI/ML solutions to modernise its business processes. A staggering 80% of data in this sector is unstructured, found in emails, PDFs, and traditional paper documents. Our AI/ML solutions can automate and accelerate the data extraction process with impressive accuracy, far outstripping manual methods... Read more

Data with DLT Apps

If you’re looking to generate insights for improved decision making, meet compliance needs by building custom views, and automate manual workflows using AI/ML within Financial Services – you’re in the right place. We can engineer data, tailor AI/ML solutions, and build predictive models to drive business growth, innovation, and strategic decision making.

Our data solutions help reduce rework costs, deliver real-time intelligent insights, and improve adoption with great user experience. Automating complex processes and streamlining workflows by leveraging AI, we shorten the time from conceptualisation to completion with our Fintech domain expertise.

Our Solution

Our capabilities ensure optimal data quality, consistency, and smooth transition of systems.

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Intelligent Data

Leveraging AI/ML, smartly draw out vital data from various documents, discern patterns and structures, pinpointing critical information beyond typical OCR methods.

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Natural Language

Understand document context, enabling intelligent categorisation, sentiment analysis, and insight extraction from unstructured data for informed decisions.

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Document Support

Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows, handling diverse document types from bank statements to account opening forms, ensuring adaptability across industries.

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Document digitisation solution streamlines data entry, automates processes, reduces repetitive tasks, speeds up operations, and lets teams prioritise strategic efforts.

Turn compliance into a competitive edge with our AI/ML solutions